Shopify Plus vs Magento Enterprise 2019: Platform for Everyday User vs B2B Superpower

The ultimate battle Shopify Plus vs Magento Enterprise continues in 2019. Is Shopify, the everyday platform better from Magento, the B2B superpower? Read and find out!
Creating an ecommerce site in 2019  is easier than ever.
First, you must find a marketable product or service and decide how much you are interested in investing. Do the necessary competitive market analysis and get yourself a domain.
If you are planning to sell products online, calculate the shipping costs and whether free shipping fits into your offerings. Next, brainstorm your branding strategy and select an ecommerce platform that fits your business model.
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Sign up, choose a theme, build your website, add content, images, list your items, add a contact page, and you are ready to start. Depending on the ecommerce platform you choose, you may need to hire a web development team, equipped with web development skills and coding knowledge required for implementation.
 The ultimate battle between two of the most popular ecommerce platforms Shopify Plus and Magento Enterprise continue in 2019. 
Whether you are looking to renovate your internet marketplace or you are currently looking for B2B ecommerce opportunities, Shopify and Magento are here to help.
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Shopify Plus vs Magento Enterprise 2019: Which One to Choose?

Shopify Plus, a platform for everyday users, is all about mobility. Whether you are online, on-the-go or social media presence, you have nothing to worry about as Shopify operates with the same efficiency and your location is irrelevant.
When Shopify was first established, in 2006, the company operated out of a coffee shop and the team has consisted of 5 people. Today, they have over 2000 employees, 5 North-American based offices, supports over 500.000 businesses, has handled over $40B in sales, and has over 1.000.000 active users.
Ecommerce solution Shopify has integrated payment gateways, as well as, security in the backend code that you can now set up in your store for simplified and safe payment process. The platform also includes a shipping option to print and label items for shipments. These features help online stores speed up the ordering, as well as, the supply chain process and save purchasers time. Shopify Plus is a very well known online platform, it is the favorite choice among people all over the world, from the United Kingdom up to Australia. So, if you want to learn how to easily migrate your business from a platform like Magento to Shopify Plus, click here.


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Magento, the B2B superpower is #1 commerce platform for large businesses and enterprises. Magento filtrates around $100 billion in sales a year, supports over 250.000 merchants, and has over 150.000 developers.
 This is a feature-rich platform and open-source solution that offers ecommerce sellers the flexibility of having control over content planning of their ecommerce business. Magento is known for its flexibility, the extensive portfolio of design offerings, the capacity to stay ahead of the market rivals, and by anticipating the needs of businesses.
Owned by one of the most popular ecommerce marketplaces in the world, eBay, the Magento platform is run by a group of retail professionals using a deep understanding of ecommerce and how merchants profit from ecommerce platforms. The marketing options of the platform are boundless and right with personalization, customer segmentation, visual merchandising, responsive design themes, and more.
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The Best Ecommerce Platform 2019

What do you think? What is the best ecommerce platform in 2019?
Magento implementation looks easy on the outside, however, for its customization and maintenance, you would need to hire Magento developer.
Shopify, on the other side, comes in with a price tag, but according to experts and users, it is definitely worth it. Any apps or extra effort are hardly required and it is super user-friendly.
Based on the latest comparison by Finances Online between Shopify and Magento, Shopify’s score is 9.6 while Magento’s score is 9.0.